'PSG & Sons' Charities'

The Story of the Fifth Brother

Let there be so that others can share my family's prosperity

Shri P S Govindaswamy NaiduFounder

Chapter 1

The Genesis

Chapter 1

Ganga Naidu
& The Foundation of Poolai Medu

Ganga Naidu's visionary establishment of Poolai Medu on November 11, 1711, marks the beginning of a significant chapter in history. The settlement became a melting pot for historical immigration, fostering a unique blend of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and local Tamil communities. Through relentless hard work and innovative agricultural practices, the once-wilderness region transformed into a thriving oasis. The community's deep gratitude is evident in the bestowed titles like 'Peria Veettukarar' and 'Dharmakartas,' honoring not only Ganga Naidu but also his descendants for their contributions to the region's growth and prosperity. Over time, the name ‘Poolai Medu’ gracefully evolved into the present day 'Peelamedu'.

Chapter 2

The Legacy Continues

Chapter 2

Sama Naidu

Venkatarama Naidu was a member of the esteemed 'Periya Veedu' family and the grandson of Ganga Naidu. Venkatarama Naidu had four sons namely Dharmakartha Muthu Naidu, Lingappa Naidu, Sama Naidu, and Rangaswamy Naidu. Sama Naidu, known for his friendly demeanor and immense generosity, earned the affection of Poolai Medu residents.

Sama Naidu's marriage to Ranganayaki Ammal resulted in the birth of four sons:
  • P.S. Narappa Naidu
  • P.S. Govindaswamy Naidu
  • P.S. Kondaswamy Naidu
  • P.S. Krishnamma Naidu

Chapter 3

The Visionary

Chapter 3

P.S.Govindaswamy Naidu

PS Govindaswamy Naidu, the second son of Sama Naidu, emerged as a visionary committed to charitable initiatives in his village. Inheriting both fertile and dry land, he engaged in trading cotton, earning respect within the trading community. PS Govindaswamy Naidu's leadership extended beyond commerce, as he championed piety and charitable values. The name PSG, representing 'Periya Veedu,' 'Sama Naidu,' and 'Govindaswamy Naidu,' symbolizes the enduring legacy of values passed down through generations.

Chapter 4

The PSG Brothers

Chapter 4

The PSG Brothers

PS Govindaswamy Naidu married Manguthayammal and the couple had four sons: PSG Venkataswamy Naidu, PSG Rangaswamy Naidu, PSG Ganga Naidu, and PSG Narayanaswamy Naidu. Renowned for their ingenuity and forward-thinking, the PSG Brothers made a pivotal decision in 1922, channeling their acumen into the Sri Ranga Vilas Ginning, Spinning, and Weaving Mills. This strategic move catalyzed the metamorphosis of Coimbatore into the "Manchester of South India" in the ensuing years. Their impact, however, transcended the realm of textiles, encompassing groundbreaking initiatives in mechanized agriculture, marked by the introduction of the region's maiden tractor and early adoption of electricity. The PSG Brothers' collective vision and adaptability left an indelible imprint on Coimbatore's industrial landscape, steering the city's trajectory and playing a pivotal role in its enduring growth.

Chapter 5

The Fifth Brother

Chapter 5

PSG & Sons' Charities

In 1926, the four brothers took a significant step by partitioning their ancestral properties to give rise to PSG & Sons' Charities, effectively becoming the fifth brother in their legacy. The primary objective was to champion inclusive education, provide a platform for technical empowerment among the youth, and actively contribute to the welfare of the underprivileged. The inaugural institution, Sarvajana, embodied an egalitarian ethos, envisioned as a school "for all people." The PSG family's unwavering faith in the transformative power of education played a pivotal role in propelling Coimbatore into a prominent educational and industrial hub. Presently, PSG & Sons' Charities extends its influence to over 30,000 students across 30 educational institutions, offering a comprehensive array of educational opportunities ranging from kindergartens to medical education.

The Story of the PSG & Sons' Charities is a thrilling one of abiding faith, great piety and noble adventure. The institutions, literary and technological, are a testimony to the foresight of the Founders and their confidence in the future of this country

Dr S radhakrishnanFormer President of India

Chapter 6

Leading the Way


The PSG family is blessed with a number of luminaries, men of impressive foresight and impeccable ability. These Managing Trustees inspired PSG & Sons’ Charities to its remarkable achievements.

Chapter 7

Educational Odyssey

Cultivating Knowledge from K-12

The educational odyssey of PSG & Sons' Charities embarked with PSG Sarvajana School and subsequently flourished into multiple branches across the city. This growth symbolises their commitment to empowering through quality education, enriching lives and communities.

Nurturing Minds & Shaping Futures Across Decades

Over the span of numerous decades, Coimbatore has consistently remained the preferred educational hub for students from across Tamil Nadu seeking higher education opportunities. This prominence can be attributed to the establishment of a range of PSG Institutions, covering disciplines including Arts, Management, Engineering, and many more.

PSG & the Industrialization of Coimbatore

At the epicentre of Coimbatore's transformation into the industrial and entrepreneurial hub of South India lies in our founders's visionary drive. They have invigorated this journey by founding training centres that consistently nurture top-tier technicians, infusing the region with vitality and expertise.


PSG & Sons' Charities stands as a transformative force in Coimbatore's healthcare landscape. They have significantly elevated it through a multifaceted approach, encompassing hospital excellence, medical education, and paramedical training. The organisation's relentless commitment to progress, affordability, and accessibility has left an indelible mark and PSG & Sons' Charities stand as a cornerstone of positive change.

CSR & Others

PSG & Sons' Charities Social initiatives go beyond education and industry. The institutions is involved in projects aimed at promoting societal welfare.

Chapter 8

Chronicles of Excellence

Chapter 9

Alumni Association

Chapter 10

Visual Heritage


Here is a visual journey showcasing the vibrant life and achievements of our educational institutions. Throughout its illustrious history, PSG & Sons' Charities has also been honored by the presence of distinguished and eminent personalities.

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